Grupo Carso SAB de CV under the ticker symbol GPOVY. Here is some more information that we have about Grupo Carso SAB de CV

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Grupo Carso SAB de CV
Grupo Carso, S.A. de C.V. engages in controlling and operating a group of companies related to the retail, industrial, and consumer business in Latin America. On the retail sector, through Grupo Sanborns, the company operates various retail formats, such as Sanborns, Sanborns Café, music stores, Sears department stores, and a bakery chain known as El Globo. On the industrial side, Grupo Carso integrates companies like Condumex, a global manufacturer of products for the telecommunication, construction, energy, and automotive industries; Nacobre, which produces copper, aluminum, and PVC products; and Frisco that holds railroad, chemical, and mining divisions. The company’s consumer oriented bu...
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