Actis Global Ventures Inc under the ticker symbol AGLV. Here is some more information that we have about Actis Global Ventures Inc

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Actis Global Ventures Inc
ACTIS Global Ventures, Inc., through its subsidiaries, markets wellness products in bioenergetics, nutrition, and beauty areas. It operates in two divisions, BIOPRO Technology and FemOne. The BIOPRO Technology division offers BIOPRO Cell Chip and BIOPRO EMF Harmonization Chip for use in various appliances emitting electromagnetic frequency or electromagnetic radiation; BIOLIFE Pendant that emits a subtle-energy field designed to energetically resonate with the human biofield; VITATONIC, an energy-sustaining tonic designed to address the toxin buildup and energy drain from electropollution and other stressors in people’s bodies; QX-3, which brings the application of using Energy Resonance Technology (ERT) to the automotive arena by charging metal composite discs with ERT; BIOPRODUCE, a food supplement formulated from fruits, berries, and vegetables; and BIOPRO Home Harmonizer, a device designed to contribute to stress reduction and energy enhancement in a home or office environment. The FemOne division offers nutritional supplements for hormonal balance and relief of menopausal symptoms, and for the overall health and wellness of women; Channoine Cosmetics skin care products for high school and college-aged girls; and LEANCHOICES weight loss system that features advanced nutritional products for weight loss and natural metabolism enhancement. It markets its products primarily through direct sales representatives and direct response television shopping networks in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. The company was formerly known as FemOne, Inc. and changed its name to ACTIS Global Ventures, Inc. in 2006. ACTIS Global Ventures is based in Carlsbad, California.
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