Activision Blizzard, Inc (ATVI) Financial News - Game Studios Are Hot Acquisition Targets in the Race to Mobile and Social

Activision Blizzard, Inc (ATVI)

Game Studios Are Hot Acquisition Targets in the Race to Mobile and Social

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Quote: We have a vision and a strategy and we are executing on the goal of transitioning to one of the top three feature phone companies to our goal of being one of the top freemium tablet and smartphone games company,” said Michael Breslin, Glu’s VP of marketing. Other potential acquirers are in the U.S., ranging from content companies like Time Warner and Disney to other game makers like Activision, THQ or Ubisoft. Zynga has been acquiring more than one company every month for nearly a year. Google could even be a candidate if it’s truly serious about its Google+ games network. Other companies for sale that would have the content and the talent include any of the independent studios in the top 20 on Facebook or iOS, ranging from Crowdstar to RockYou, or even a virtual world like Linden Lab. Photo Credit: Jason Pratt....
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Activision, Inc. (“Activision,” the “Company,” or “we”) is a leading international publisher of interactive entertainment software and peripheral products. We have built a company with a diverse portfolio of products that spans a wide range of categories and target markets and that is used on a variety of game hardware platforms and operating systems. We have created, licensed, and acquired a group of highly recognizable brands, which we market to a variety of consumer demographics. Our fiscal 2007 product portfolio included such best-selling products as Call of Duty 3, Guitar Hero II, Tony Hawk’s Project 8, Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Over the Hedge, and X-Men: The Official Game. Our products cover diverse game categories including action/adventure, action sports, racing, role-playing, simulation, first-person action, music-based gaming, and strategy.